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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Everyday Beautiful

Wasn't yesterday a beautiful day dear reader, the sun shone and it smiled it's warm smile which made my heart feel good, I had a wonderful after school walk with Petunia in Heaton Park and I love that the first day of autumn was precisely 100% better than the last week of summer.  Autumn is a new phase full of promise and if you are a photographer it's something to embrace.

I was musing yesterday about a challenge and it's had a great response I'm glad to report so I began in earnest on a quest to record that beauty we find in the every day moments of our lives, if you want to join in you can do so in very many ways - 

1. Scrapbook it, if you're one of those crafty ladies then layouts are totally acceptable.

2. Photograph it, it can be with a DSLR, a CSC, your phone, your iPod and if you share it just use the hashtag #everydaybeautiful I wanted to put an is in there but that one was already being used and also it's quite a long hashtag.

3. Journal it, artistic or otherwise!

4. Diarise it, remember you could write one word a day, one sentence or a whole paragraph

There really are no constraints and you can do this whatever is going on in your life, you can do it for a day or a week or a month or until Christmas and if you miss a day, it's ok, just hop right back in when you are ready.

If you are a blogger or you're posting somewhere and want to share it please leave a link in the comments.

It may be that I'll be the only one doing it or it may end up that there's a few of us, I really don't care, I just have been thinking about wanting something to focus on in the short term, my bigger UK Cityscapes project is still going ahead but it's on hold just for a little while due to the life events of late, I need to be at home for the kids for a while and for me so this is a great little thing which takes minimal effort but something that it is truly lovely to look back on.

If you use social media and want to help spread the word about this you can share this blog or just write your own post about the hashtag.

I think I'm going to try and continue until at least Christmas although it might not be every day. There really is no pressure.

You can do 1 a day, 1 a week or 10 a day, there are no constraints, only your imagination so let it fly...

Someone told me that it was going to be rainy this morning and it's actually a gorgeous early morning with skies of pink and blue hues and you know what else?  Yesterday I won a competition, £50 of restaurant vouchers for Arlo in Jesmond so guess where we'll be eating for Loobys birthday this week?!

Have a wonderful autumnal Tuesday.

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