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Monday, September 22, 2014

Rainy days and Mondays

I've never ever been a fan of rainy days and I've always had a quiet loathing for Mondays but this morning dear reader I've just got up after sleeping until 7.30am which is the longest I've slept for weeks.  The girls and Petunia were sleeping at dads last night so it was lovely not to have any alarm or a tap dancing husky waking me up!

It's Autumn today, it's quite surreal to me that we're already at the time of year which is my most absolutely favourite time of year for photography, the lower light mixed with those bright warm woolens is a combination which makes my heart sing.  It's sad though at the same time, everything starts to die and the trees start going back into their long winter slumber and it seems so long until summer will be with us once again but I am looking forward to conkers and leaf kicking and the scarlets, reds and oranges of the forests final dance before they lay their sleepy heads down to rest for a while.

Yesterday I embraced the last day of summer, a walk to the Sunday quayside market and a ramble around the beauty of the Rising Sun country park coupled with a picnic with enough food to feed 50, I think there's a truth in the fact that exercise is really good for your soul, I'm not really sure how far we all walked yesterday but I was in bed by 9.30pm absolutely shattered and asleep within seconds.

I see this new quarter in the calendar as a chance for a brand new start, with every new season there's always a little hope that good things are just around the corner and just like those lessons I taught my daughter she in turn reminds me that we always need to be happy and hopeful.

Today I'm going to attempt a little work and I'm also going to start looking for the beauty in every day moments, you can join in if you like, you don't need an expensive camera just something to help you focus on those little things which make your life beautiful no matter what kind of situations you are dealing with, it doesn't even have to be a camera, you could just note down a sentence.  I've mentioned before that some times they are so hard to find because you are dealing with such complex life events that overwhelm you like quick sand it can be hard to see anything but the puddle of sand swallowing you but if you have even 1 beautiful moment every day to focus on it's going to help you and remind you that there's life and hope in there always.

I have no idea what ups and downs this week has in store for me, no one can know that really but I'm going to embrace moments, I'll be sharing some on my blog over the coming weeks and on Instagram if you want to follow me or join in, I'll be using the hashtag #everydaybeautiful

Lets not try to let rainy days or Mondays try to get us down.


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