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Friday, May 04, 2012

It's Friday, Happy May Day Weekend and Happy Birthday Abigail

Yep it's Friday again and not just any Friday, it's the May bank holiday weekend which means only 1 thing, my sometimes darling daughter, sometimes malevolent pixies and queen of all things black is 10 on Monday.

I took these photos a few weeks ago when I grabbed her on the way into the house, she's not a fan of being photographed so I was quite surprised how posy she was, she also has a very low attention span and a low boredom threshold so it only took 5 minutes and then she was done!

Of course she claims she's old and sophisticated this year and doesn't do toys anymore so she's getting birthday gift certificates and a Kindle as she's a bit of a bookworm!

I of course am now feeling older by the minute and like bamboo it would seem that the crows feet are visibly growing around my eyes.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Big Happy Birthday to Abigail,  I'm posting this now as we'll be out for the day on Monday, family days out in celebration of birthdays are the best thing ever!!

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alittlebit said...

Happy Birthday to the very photogenic Abigail! Cake and loveliness shall be yours all day on your special day :)

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