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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weddings, Portraits and Idle thumbs...

You know those idle thumbs, they're the ones that get you into trouble, if the truth be known my idle thumbs often find themselves shopping for too many pairs of shoes.  I've been determined not to buy 1700 pairs of new shoes in the sales so I have had a cunning plan and worked for the past few days and it's worked, no new shoes!!

I have met some wonderful people though so I thought I would share just a couple of photographs with you.

First on Tuesday I met a lovely Aussie Family, I say Aussie but Dad was originally from Hebburn, apparently Brisbane is just a bit nicer, I can't think why anyone would say that, my studio is based in Hebburn!

So Dad wanted a few photos with landmarks in, the ones that are special to him and so you can't have a shoot without having the Tyne Bridge in it

Yesterday I went to Close House to photograph the wedding of Nicola and Paul and captured this lovely moment during the ceremony.

and Today I went to my favourite Graffiti wall to photograph some kids who want to make a special birthday present for their granddads, let me tell you something, teenage girls don't like having their photographs taken, it was a lot of fun though!

So as we reach the end of 2011, what a great year it's been, I can't believe how lucky I am to do the job that I do, I think it's because it's so much more than a job, it's my life, it's the thing I love the most after my family and love or course, Love is the most important thing, all you need is love!

If you were lucky enough to get engaged over the Christmas period and are planning your 2012 or 2013 wedding please do contact me and come have a chat about it with me in my studio, 2012 is already looking like it could be my busiest year ever and I want to say thank you because without you I'd just be a lady with a camera, oh actually since I got my Dorothy shoes I'm now "look at the lady with the red shoes" haha and on that note I shall wish you all the best for the closing days of the year and may you all have wonderful New Year celebrations, I'm off for a couple of days R&R but if you are wanting a shoot in the next week give me a call because I can probably fit you in and do something fabulous on location, if you are wanting a studio shoot I'm back in the studio on 07/01, that day is already pretty full so get booking for future weeks!

To contact me you can call me on 07918 121838, email me at or you can click through to my website


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