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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Cosy Charlton Christmas

Yes lovely people, Happy Christmas to you all, it's been quite a year and now it's time for my yearly blog of what went down in the Charlton House this Christmas Day.  I've turned away from flash lately and I really love how shooting at high ISO's and low apertures makes everything seem to warm and cosy, I think it really suits my style!

The kids got up at their normal time of 8am which wasn't so bad, I don't think we've ever had a really early year thankfully.

best way to photograph Iain these days is when he's not looking

sign of the times that they're getting older, they got a Tantrum nail candy set between them

Looby got her horse riding lessons she really wanted, we can't wait to sign her up in the New Year

She does like to demonstrate new clothing

from now on when I get sick of my darling husband I have decided to cover him with a Gary Barlow mask

Looby got a Nintendo DS with Mario Kart, daddy also loves this and yes she is sitting wearing her new hat, scarf and gloves

I'm pretty sure it means that he just won a cup!

yup there's another one who hates me photographing her and remains plugged in to technology at all times

She's quite a comedian is Looby

It wouldn't be a family blog without Disco Bob!

So it's been a fabulous Christmas, I'm working throughout my Christmas break this year, but I'm at least working from home, tomorrow I have a family shoot and Wednesday I have a wedding consultation followed by a wedding, busy times but I love my job!

Whatever you're doing for the rest of your Christmas break I hope it's a good one and from our house to yours may I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2012.


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Very nice! DT. X

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