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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breakfast With Santa at Heighley Gate, an imposter

We've been looking forward to having breakfast with Santa at Heighley Gate  for ages and today was the big day, we got up early and made our way up there for a half nine start.

We were seated and served breakfast, to our horror breakfast was cold and the eggs were grey, they actually tasted like an old kitchen sponge, not the greatest start to an event which had cost me £7.95 each for Abigail and Laura and £6.25 for me, Paul and Iain.

Santa came out and Looby said straight away that she didn't think it was the real Santa as he had more of a goatee than a beard.

he stopped at each table to talk to the little ones and when he got to ours and simply said hello kids and walked off, I then overheard him talking to a staff member asking if we were with the rest of the party, I've never felt so sad and I could tell Looby was gutted.

After this all the kids went to Santa to receive presents and have photos but would you believe he didn't want to have a photo with Abigail and i actually had to ask him.

he doesn't look very happy does he?  and you know what it's just sad because as I said to one of the staff it should be celebrated if older kids are still excited about seeing Santa, Santa is one of Loobys favourite people and mine too so it was just disappointing that this imposter chose to spoil some of the magic of Christmas.  You know how much Looby loves Santa, her list of favourite people goes, Mummy, daddy, Santa and then the Baby Jesus in that order, she emails him on a daily basis with an iPad app and he always replies, she says she is Santas penpal and she finds it funny that he keeps turning up in the same places as her, when she wrote to him she even wrote on the back of the envelope that there was a special kiss inside for him.  I always tell her that Christmas is in your heart as it is in mine and it remains to this day, I hope when she's my age she's just as much as fond of Santa, I have to say Winter Wonderland Santa and I had such a lovely chat

I spoke to a staff member and she was really gutted for us, so gutted that she arranged for us to go into Winter Wonderland where she made it snow!!  She also said did the girls want to see Winter Wonderland Santa who was working for a charity and I can tell you it was THE real Santa, it really cheered the girls up, especially Looby, she got to give him a big hug and they chatted with him for a few minutes and then they got to choose their own gift.

I have asked them in future to bear in mind that older children still love Santa and should be treated the same as the younger ones

So if you are out there running a company which makes profit from the magic of Christmas please ensure you do it well or you could spoil a small childs dreams and their mummys too!

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