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Thursday, June 16, 2011

This week in Instagrams.....

How can it possibly be Thursday again, 1 whole week since my last post, each week I'm so determined to blog more often and then before you can say two posts in a week it's been a week already!

So here's whats be going on in my little world of the strange this week, mostly captured by the wonder that is fabulous iPhone app Instagram.

Much excitement yesterday as my latest pair of Irregular Choice shoes arrived, I think they might be my favourite pair ever!

They are all kinds of fabulous and so very very me, I just need to find a suitable occasion on which to wear them.

On Tuesday I was outside in that splendid sunshine we had when I noticed our Alliums were looking gorgeous so a quick snap later...

Just in case you missed Tuesday it was glorious, barely a cloud in the sky

I've also managed to squeeze in some time to see my little adopted nephew Benjamin who I have to say loves his Auntie Mandy and makes me a very happy lady indeed with his gorgeousness and giggles, not long now till I shoot his mummys wedding!

This was his little face after I'd given him a bottle, can you say Milk Coma?

Our weekend was quite restful apart from me shooting a wedding up at Lumley Castle on Sunday.

Lots of it was spent enjoying the grand prix which always does this to my husband, he's like Pavlov's dog

Saturday was the rainiest day I can remember for ages, it just rained and rained and rained, this happens every year when our Lillies bloom, this one does look awfully pretty with those chunky raindrops on it's petals though doesn't it?

We went out on Friday night and had a brilliant night with friends, I reassured myself with this self shot photograph that for 37 I could look much worse, after now what must be around a year of taking photos of myself I'm finally getting used to my own face, if you hate your photo (or your face) try it, I promise it really helps!

Friday last week was windy in the afternoon but oh my the sky

and that was it back in time to a week ago, so what happened in your week and did you manage to capture any of it?


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