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Thursday, June 09, 2011

A list for Thursday

Another personal post from me, I'm wanting to get back in touch with my blog, I want to blog more often, my blog is history, I should post more about life love and everything, after all business is just 1 part of my life!

So here's my 10 for Thursday

1. Why did my brain and body clock decide that I needed to get up at 5.30am this morning? The other night I was in bed by half eight, what on earth is going on?

2. I'm so enjoying sewing with my antique Singer sewing machine, I think we worked out that it's something like 110 years old and whenever I'm stitching with it I wonder about all the women who've stitched with it before me.

3. My brain as ever is crowded with creativity, when I'm not working I'm being creative with paper, scissors and glue.

4.  I've decided that we are going to have a TV free summer, Looby thinks this is a great idea, Abigail says she is moving out for the summer, I haven't spoken to Iain about it yet, we may not get rid of it completely ( I need my Apprentice fix) but we will majorly cut down and go out and have adventures.

5. Mollie Makes is my new favourite publication, I'm so glad I subscribed!

6. Cannot wait for school to be done and the summer holidays to commence, not a clue what we'll do but definitely a few days away to somewhere new, last year Looby and I went to Cardiff, who knows who'll want to come and where we'll go this year, I'm thinking maybe North Wales might be nice or somewhere in Scotland but no idea where.

7. Out tomorrow night to the Geekest Drink, hubby has a football meeting but is coming to meet me after, ooh it's like a proper date from the old days!

8. My first Sunday wedding of the year this weekend, I always panic about Sunday weddings on the Saturday in case I have the wrong day, it's a recurrent nightmare and even after 4 years in business I still have to reassure myself that people don't just get married on Saturdays, I should know, we got married on a Friday and renewed our vows on a Wednesday.

9. Where is all the rain this year, my gardener husband only ever feels he can take a day off when it rains, this year is the driest year ever!  Please pass a couple of days of heavy rain for the plants, the ever browning grass and more importantly so I can have a couple of days love-in with my husband.

10. I was on Radio Newcastle earlier this week, if you want to have a listen just go here and go to 2hrs 21 mins and you'll hear me talking about the sexualisation of children report and how I have a continued plan to ensure that my kids don't become Chavs or pregnant teenagers, you wouldn't believe some of the lengths I've gone to but thats another post for another day.

Happy Thursday, hold on in there the weekend is in sight

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