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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thought I better update...

Especially since nothing is really going on at the moment. I did have a planned shoot this weekend which was postponed because of the weather, it's now going to be in a couple of weeks which strangely left me with a whole weekend off, I don't get many of those and yesterday we went to the Centre For Life and took the girls Ice-skating for the very first time! Now I didn't think it wise to take my camera so I just had hubbys camera phone but I can't connect it via bluetooth, don't know if we have a USB lead and it won't let me email myself, oh and it won't even send picture messages, what a blinkin joke eh?!

Anyway Ice-skating was fab, you'll have to take my word for that, Looby and Abigail loved it though did of course fall over a couple of times but then again so did hubby, I missed that but apparently he slid from one side of the rink to the other, I went intending not to fall over and I didn't! LOL

Afterward we went around the Centre For Life which was quite fun and then we decided to take the girls to see the Fenwicks Christmas Window which I thought was a total dark, dismal, depressing, disappointment (did you like the alliteration?) I actually can't understand what made the window dressers decide to concentrate on the darker sides of Oliver, a whole double window devoted to policemen searching for the body of Nancy after Bill Sykes had thrown in her in the canal really didn't make me feel festive, stick to singing trees and cuddly animals Fenwicks, get with the Christmas Programme!!

Speaking of Christmas, I have 2 slots next week available for family portraits complete with Santa hats if you wish because I have some of those!! If you want either a Saturday afternoon slot or a Sunday morning slot (Saturday afternoon is Jesmond Dene or similar, Sunday has to be Saltwell Park because thats where I am at 12pm for a shoot!) give me a call on either 0191 2289515 or 07918 121838, email me at or see my website

This afternoon we're going to take the girls to Heighley Gate garden centre because Santa has arrived and we take them every year and since all my weekends up to Christmas are just about full we thought we better take them today. I'm sure it will be lots of fun and Looby certainly is excited about it.

This week for me is all about albums, I have several which are in production at the moment, a couple of them are sent off to various producers and the rest are in the design stages, you can be sure that album design is my main priority, in fact I think about them 24/7 lol, I do wish sometimes that there was another me to help out in the busiest times and maybe if my business continues to grow as it is now I'll be able to hire someone by this time next year, it surely is an exciting time.

Did you know that you can buy gift vouchers for every occasion and any amount for Mandy Charlton Photography, they really do make a great Christmas gift, so if you want to give someone the gift of photography this year give me a call!

OOh - any toddlers or babies in the house? Have you hear about my Milestones photoshoots?

4 shoots over the course of a year at the bargain price of £100 and you get to choose your favourite from each shoot as a 10x8 enlargement and you'll also get a DVD slideshow from each shoot, with your own gallery to choose prints, and mini albums there's never been a better time to get your baby on the Milestones Programme.

Ok, mammoth blogging catch up over, I'm off to watch the Xfactor results show :-)

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