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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Photos from a week with the Charltons

So this mornings photoshoot got cancelled at the last minute which means I haven't a thing to blog about..... except I have because I've taken a few photographs this week of several things which have happened or places we've been to so lets go with those instead!

Firstly lets go back to last Sunday when we took the girls to see Santa, really bad dark place and I didn't have my flash so took the following at 3200iso using my 24-70mm sigma f2.8, yes it really was THAT dark..

Santa was also not very good as this year an outside company had been brought in, hmmmm

On Monday we paid a short visit to Walkworth Castle

This shot my favourite of several (and if you want to see the whole weeks photos click on any of these to be transported to the Facebook album)
On Tuesday Poppy gave birth to 5 kittens and we're keeping one who we have named Primrose

She's a cutie, I took this yesterday when she was 3 days old!

Also yesterday a quick shot of whoever was around at the time

Looby with one of the other kittens

Abigail - love this, might even get it on a big canvas!

then mr husband decided he wanted some photos of himself, he is of course a narcissist but hey so would I be if I looked this good, LOL!

Thank goodness he's gone back to blonde!

This one, I really love and it's been retouched and had lots of photoshop magic, he gave me free reign even though he usually doesn't like to think of himself being retouched, yes it's vanity but hey everyone can use a little photoshop massaging!!

he is good looking and I know that I totally traded up when I married him, I tell myself that every day, LOL!!

Tommorrows session will hopefully happen as planned as will the rest of the weeks so look out for lots of cute kids and a throng of fabulous families!!

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