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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Rather Chilly Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Maeve and Pete

Maeve and Pete are an adorable couple who are looking forward to a Christmas wedding on the 20th of December.

On Saturday despite the freezing sub zero temperatures I met up with them for their pre-wedding shoot.

It was so cold that we only managed 10 minutes of photography which makes me even happier with the selection of images we got.

The gorgeous couple!

Pete doing a great job of keeping Maeve warm!

a healthy dose of good old fashioned romance.

The warm glow in the photograph comes from the love which Maeve and Pete share and not the weather!! LOL

Maeve and Pete, getting to spend time with you both on Saturday has made me even more excited for your wedding, I'll see you both again in just under a month!!

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