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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jill and her thoroughly wonderful family

So you remember me sharing a photograph of gorgeous Adam and I said we had gone out to shoot the family portrait photoshoot in Saltwell Park but Adams little brother wasn't happy at all, well I suggested to mum that we moved the shoot indoors and so I went off to their house for an all round much more cosy shoot!

It really doesn't matter where you are when you have a handy backdrop!!

I love this one of Adam in Saltwell Park though, it does have a chilly winter feel to it though!

Gorgeous brother Daniel who I was told isn't keen on smiling on photographs.

Well Daniel and I had such fun playing boo and Daniel showed me all his animal figures, soon he was smiling like the best of them!

My favourite family shot from the day because it's real life, it's fun and you can't mess with that Dinosaur!

Jill, I know you all love these photographs and that makes me happy, I had so much fun with you guys that I can't wait for our next session when the weather is a little bit warmer!!

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