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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Old Friends, Good Times, Jam and Marmalade

Now thats the way to start a blog post don't you think?!

So firstly the Jam and Marmalade - well they're our latest kittens, they're four weeks old and will stay with us for another couple of weeks, they're both little girls and we've called them Marmalade and Jam, it would be lovely if these two ended up going to the same home so if you're fancying yourself a new kitten or two please do get in touch, here's a few quick snaps I grabbed of them this morning.

Marmalade is slightly lighter in colour (and smaller) than Jam


are you feeling gooey yet?

and the final one

It's going to be very hard to say goodbye to these 2 little pumpkins!

So, my other news, well an old friend of mine got in touch yesterday through Facebook, let me tell you a little about Darren, Darren and I got up to so much mischief together in our younger days, we could party for 3 days without stopping and let me tell you we had some pretty fun times, it's so great that he found me again and we had a big ol chat on the phone, it's wonderful to know that he's doing well and happy and in this ever changing world of relationships it's great to know that we're both with the same people we were 8 years ago!

Darren did tell me some very sad news though about an old friend who was very near to my heart, Mark was a party animal, he was the life and soul and I think there were times when he could out-party us all, he was so funny and the stories he would tell could make you laugh till your stomach ached. He was a really great friend to me when I didn't have anyone else, I would take my son around (Iain was 2 or 3 at the time) and we would watch movies, walk his adorable but very slobbery bulldog Bailey and laugh a lot, on a Friday when I would finish work early and Iain would be away I would meet Mark in town and pretty much we would party till we dropped, fun times from over ten years ago. I found out that Mark died suddenly at home on June 13th at the tragically early age of 39, the last time I remember seeing Mark was 8 years ago when Paul and I got married, Mark really contributed to me becoming the person I am today and I know that he'll be sorely missed by all who knew him.

I'll leave todays post here but I know that if Mark were still here he wouldn't want people to be sad, I think he'd probably want a big party and whilst I'm not sure I could party like I did all those years ago, I'll be drinking a toast to him this weekend.


Bagpuss said...

I WANT THEM!!! but DH will only say no so they will have to go to someone else :(.

HUGS re your friend too.

And So She Writes said...

cute little kittens! And sorry about your friend - 39 is far too young to go, but at least it sounds like he knew how to enjoy life!

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