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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alnwick Gardens for Fathers day

Where else could we spend the day with our dad of the year, mr gardener himself, my gorgeous hubby!!

I love Alnwick garden and even better, Paul got in free because he was a dad!! Here's some photos from our day!!


Don't you just love Loobys hat?

She sniffed nearly every single flower in the walled gardens!

Awww, isn't dad the best!!

Iain getting splashy!!

Lovely Lupins!

The magnificent tree house!

Serious water play!

In the water fountains all three of them went and look how wet they are!


Finally, I love this one

and this one!!

Happy Fathers Day!


mandijane said...

I love that matches a tent I've bought for DD's birthday today...LOL

Bagpuss said...

WOW I just love the hat! Looks best on Lobby I have to say LOL.

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