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Friday, June 27, 2008

Craigs Senior Prom Photoshoot

In the US school leavers routinely go to the prom and have senior photoshoots on the year the leave high school and I'm pleased to say that we brits are slowly catching on to the idea, I think it's really important to document leaving school and starting your journey into the world of adulthood.

Craig lives quite locally so his mum popped round with him for a quick photoshoot before he went off to the prom.

We only had a 10 minute time-frame and we still got brilliant photos!!

He's very dashing don't you think?

I can't even remember my leaving school, I don't think we even had a disco!

all of these photos were shot on the famous patch of grass next to my house, not the most scenic place on earth but it always looks cool!

and one more.

If you would like to document prom night then please call or get in touch through the website and I'll be over just as quick as you can say "I'm sixteen and want to rule the world!"

Happy weekend everyone!

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