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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Wednesday Blah!

It's the middle of the week so time for an update me thinks!

So, it's been a great start to the week and end to last week, on Saturday we went into town for a curry to meet up with one of hubbys friends, Davy has known Paul for years but they lost touch, now thanks to the wonder of Facebook they're enjoying the wonders of blokey mateyness once more!

You may remember me telling you that I had also reconnected with an old friend through Facebook, well I enjoyed Sunday afternoon catching up and blabbering with the uber squidgy and quite marvellous Darren, it's so great to spend time together again, time passes so quickly it's important to try and hold on to the good friends in your life. I'm looking forward to lots more fun in the future!

Also on Sunday we surprised the kids with a new 42" TV and an Xbox 360, we've worked so very hard to get to the point where we could give something back to the kids (well we get to use them a bit too ;) ), you know they put up with mum and dad constantly too-ing and fro-ing and generally having their schedules disrupted and they rarely complain, well there's the occasional stop and stomp but for the most part I have the most brilliantly grounded well behaved children in the universe, I am so lucky!

Last night we took the kids to the annual event that is The Hoppings, once a year europes largest travelling fair come to Newcastle, its of course a total rip off but very much fun, last night though good luck was on my side and I won £50, teehee it meant our whole trip cost £15, not bad for a family of 5 eh?!

I'm out tonight working, headshots at Malmaison, betcha didn't know that I do commercial work too, well as everything else I am available as and when required, I actually have a couple of commercial jobs this week I just don't have them on my site, so if you need a photographer please do enquire!

Right, my power supply has just died on my laptop so I'm switching off and hoping my new one arrives today, if I disappear for a while you'll know why!

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