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Friday, August 10, 2007

Sshh, I'm back but don't tell anyone except the whole world!

LOL, well you see the thing is that I have such a great google page ranking that it seems a waste of a blog to have to start a whole new one for my business so I thought I would just continue but in a new vein, that my dear reader is the one all about the photography and more importantly the photography of Mandy Charlton Designs. That is where I earn a living after all!! Over the next few weeks I'll share what I've been up to over the past 6 or so weeks since my business really kicked off, spun me round and made me fall in love, love, love with weddings!

For the last 2 weekends I had the pleasure of photographing a local asian wedding, this spectacular ceremony took place over 3 seperate dates at 3 different locations, but no matter where we ended up we started (and mostly finished) the days at the parents of the grooms house and so utilised their beautiful gardens to the fullest. Don't you think the Bride is gorgeous and the groom is handsome, together they make a lovely couple and I wish them well for a long and happy future together.

Look out for more photos of this wonderful wedding as we go through the week.

Dear blog readers it's good to be back!

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Jenga said...

yay!!! :)

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