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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ash and Halima

So what can I tell you about this couple that I shared their wedding with, well they're a gorgeous couple who approached their wedding day with great responsibilty but they are all round lovely people and I'm so glad I got to share the day with them. The photo I'm sharing today is of Ash's brother who I have to say was lots of fun especially when I made his cousins and he walk the length of the back garden so that I could get a great shot of them, well it worked didn't it!!

I can honestly say that I've never even picked up my camera over he weekend, we've had a super exciting time though, we bought a new sofa and chair on Friday and then on Saturday we bought a new big TV, a TV unit and a coffee table :D

Today we went to two car boot sales where we had lots of fun, I bought a Tolouse Lautrec pasta jar, i.e it had a moulin rouge piccy on the side LOL, ooh did I tell you about my new toaster, ooh it's fabulous!! Yes I know excited by a toaster, back to my bottle of champagne I think! I can thank hubby ofr that one, he bought it for me oFriday with a huge gorgeous bunch of flowers, I loves him I do!!

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