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Monday, December 11, 2006

Financial Blondness!!!

Yes dear reader, it's occured, today or in fact at some point over the weekend there was a definite period of financial dumb blonded-ness, sorry to any of my blonde readership!

Upon checking our bank account this morning as I do every morning, I found that shock horror, I had dome my sums wrong and Amazon had only in fact debited some money from me today and not infact Friday when I ordered and thought it had gone.

The consequences of this wee error had me running around like a rather frantic and headless chicken trying to sort it out and avoid bank charges and divorce, sadly I only managed to avoid the divorce part, hubby was a total sweety and said we all have those bank charge moments once in a while and it has really been a while since my last bank charge moment, almost a year in fact, maybe thats what it is, 1 too many mince pies and a moment of seasonal sherry and I become financially dyslexic.

I really truly am hopeless with money but I do usually manage our bank account so that we don't have bank charges, occasionally it goes a bit belly up but thank goodness for that famous quote which reads to err is human or in my case "if it can happen then it probably will and mostly at exactly the wrong time"

Until tommorrow dear reader and don't forget to read over the next week as we have 2 Christmas performances to attend, it's iains tommorrow and Abigails on Wednesday, photo ops aplenty, she said hoping!


Laura said...

In which case i am probably financially blonde-permanently! Banks are sneaky with their charges though- i know, having had a recent encounter with them- haha

Samantha said...

hahahaha Guess what?? I'm blonde :) *hugs*

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