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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Festive Family Fun

we had some super Sunday fun today with the whole family trouping off in the search for Santa and Hooray much to everyones joy we found the big guy, I don't know how he managed to squeeze us in as I'm sure it must be one of his busiest weekends of the year. The girls were so excited to see him and would have stayed for tea, cakes and a right old natter had he the time but sadly we'd already waited half an hour to see him and there was a queue of eager children a mile long behind us.

Iain said he was far to old to be messing about with visits to Santa claus and heartily refused to have his photo taken, you should note dear reader that to even manage this one was a minor miracle!

We managed to squeeze in some lunch and a wander around the garden centre as well as a ride on a roundabout, some candy floss and a stop on the way home at the local farm to pick up some organic produce for tea.

So dear reader as I sit here I can smell a gorgeous pot roast which my husband has very capably cooked and I've Napster loaded up and am whiling away this very festive afternoon with some seasonal songs ranging from the soundtrack of "Love Actually" to the very classic and much under-rated "We wish you a Wombling merry Christmas". Yes dear reader I have a musical taste which not many understand and most laugh at!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo's as usual Mandy....looks like fun was had all round

Richard John said...

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