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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Feeling kinda perky!

I am, isn't it great, don't you just love those days when you wake up in the mornings and actually want to get out of bed.

Yes I know life isn't entirely perfect but it's darned close! I have almost finished the Christmas shopping and I know what our Christmas plans are, I have a kazzilion presents to wrap but the children are away next weekend so thats what we have planned in their absence.

I'm really truly postively looking forward to the festive season and you know what else, my friends bunny just had baby bunnies and she's asked us if we want one, my lovely hubby said a big fat YES, don't ya just love him, so all we have to do is pick up a hutch and in a couple of weeks we'll have a flopsy mopsy baby bunny! Yeehaa to that!

The children are mostly watching festive movies today, thank goodness for Sky and the 15 movie channels it possesses!

Hubby is in the kitchen making brunch and then I'm on duty this afternoon making a lovely Lamb Sunday dinner. I used to really have an aversion to Sundays before we both worked but now it's Hubbys only day off work I find that I'm really quite enjoying them.

I hope dear reader that you too have a fabulous festive Sunday whatever you're doing!

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Haleigh Anne said...

Glad to hear things are so well at your home! A lamb dinner sounds divine. I have all of Paul's presents wrapped and ready to send. I think I am going to mail them off tomorrow!

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