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Thursday, December 07, 2006

After all the excitement....

Of yesterdays party would you beleive that Abigail had another social engagement this evening in the shape of another party for one of her school friends, I've made 2 birthday cards in the last 2 days and as far as I'm concerned thats far too many, i hate making cards and rarely do if I can help it!

I got a complete bargain today, a Talking baby Chou Chou for Looby, it 's supposed to be just under £35 and I paid £26 including delivery. Honestly I have saved so much money this year by doing all my shopping sans internet. i'm of course so thankful that I can do this as well as it means i have managed to avoid the normal hustle and bustle of this time of year.

The funny thing of course is that a few weeks ago i was really worried about how we would afford Christmas and tommorrow I will have finished the Christmas shopping except for a few treats and a couple of presents for special friends.

We're actually doing ok now that I'm sending hubby to work every hour that God sends. In the end we cancelled Christmas lunch out, I think we're just wanting to stay in our jammies on Christmas day and we've decided to have a lovely Lamb dinner on Christmas eve and then Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels for breakfast on Christmas morning, after that I'll put on a buffet which will stay out for the day and everyone can just help themselves as they please, ths of course also means that if the children want to have choccy fest all day then they can, one tradition we have in our house is that the only day when you're allowed to eat whatever you want all day is Christmas day!

I'm totally looking forward to all the festivities and next week it's both the kids christmas nativities and carol-singing, parties and the usual fun. My only regret is that working from home I don't get to have a Christmas night out with my lovely boss, no real excuse to get dressed up at any point over the festive period but i'm thinking to hell with it, I probably will anyway, hopefully hubby will whisk me off for a romantic night out and meal at some point. Go on over and tell him, I'm hinting won't you!!


Anonymous said...

We're having a PJ day on Christmas day too..the first one in I can't tell you how many years, no where to be....nothing to do and I CANT WAIT. Just read the news about your job and I'm chuffed to little mintballs for you....well done you.
Mandijane x

Samantha said...

I recieved your package in the mail yesterday :) *hugs* Thankyou SO MUCH! I love it all!!! *hugs hugs*

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