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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer In The North East of England, The Ordinary Moments and Extraordinary Memories

Sunday evening, somewhere in the middle of August, summer in the Northeast of England is always a special time for me, I love all of the challenges and joys of being self employed, my favourite part is that I get to spend lots of time with my children and friends during the long summer days, it might not have been the brightest, hottest summer we've ever seen but it's on the whole been pretty good so far I think, I haven't had to wear a coat and that's something.

Since I bought my every day in my handbag camera, my Fuji X70 I thought I'd just take more time to share the general stuff I've been up to, I'm literally never without a camera now, in fact I'm sitting on my super comfy bed with my camera right next to me!

Summer in the Northeast of England is fleeting and you have to remember to record each memory, even if it's only in your mind, the passing sunshine and scattered showers can be as momentary as each new and special memory.  On Friday I was walking along Alnmouth beach with Holly and KT, our friends dog and it was so breezy that the winds were whipping up the sand grains and scattering them in the air, almost sandblasting my calfs,  Holly's ears were stood up at 180 degrees blowing in the freak gusts of what felt like almost storm force winds, at least against my ankles anyway.

Saturday started bright and then became cloud covered only for the sunshine to recover later in the day leading to the most beautiful of evenings, an evening spent walking to the quayside with Iain and Looby, they were hot on the case of Dratini's, I just wanted to take photographs but I can't even begin to tell you of my joy that Pokemon Go has brought us all together for the first time in years, it's got Iain out of his bedroom and it's introduced the concept of evening family walks, a chance to take in our surroundings, enjoy the company of each other, some time to catch up and chat about our days, as I sat there on the Baltic Quays with my dog, my children and I enjoying a Starbucks hot chocolate each I felt  joyous contentment and was at one with my life just for a while.  In as much as I adore and love all of my friends I am at my happiest when I am simply with my children for I know that they will grow up and go their own ways, I embrace each moment of their young lives, a celebration of the now, of the ordinary because it is often the most ordinary of moments which is the loveliest and the most extraordinary.  These are the moments of my life, the moments I live for and the moments I will always remember and cherish for ever.


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