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Friday, August 19, 2016

Quick and Simple Caribbean Street Party BBQ Menu to Wow Your Friends

You remember Tuesday, when it was hot and sunny all over the country, we only seem to get a couple of these days of Spanish plumes and short heatwaves so what else to do but embrace them with a Caribbean street party BBQ, Grace Foods sent a hamper full of goodies to help with the recipes and challenged me to come up with a menu fit for the best street party in honour of Caribbean food week which takes place this August 22-29th.

I love cooking, I love feeding my friends and I love a good summers BBQ so I invited some friends and the challenge was on.  I had one small problem, at the moment I am working an insane amount of hours and there's not been one week where I've had more than a couple of days at home so my menu and recipes had to be quick, simple and utterly tasty!

Here's my menu - 

Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas
Tropical Fruit Salad

3 simple courses fit for even Billy Ocean's Caribbean queen.

If you want to recreate my menu, you just need these 3 simple recipes.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

pour half a jar of Jamaican Jerk marinade (I used Grace Foods, Jamaican Jerk Marinade) over a pack of boneless chicken thighs and pop in the fridge for several hours, then simply BBQ until chargrilled.

Rice and Peas

300g of brown rice
can of coconut milk (I used Grace foods coconut milk from the hamper)
450ml water
can of mixed beans (I used the Grace Food tin of mixed beans from the hamper)

mix everything together and simmer until cooked then squeeze in a whole lime and a large squeeze of honey, serve the chicken with the rice and peas.  

Tropical Fruit Salad

1 Mango
1 Papaya
1 Charentais Melon
1 Pineapple
3 Passion Fruit

Serves 5 people, and very simply just chop everything and then pour over the passion fruit, this is the prettiest brightest dessert and so refreshing, not to mention healthy!

If you fancy celebrating Caribbean Food Week you can find them at 

hashtag #CFW2016

and if you are a lucky duck and live in London there's going to be a huge celebration in Windrush Square, Brixton on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August from 11-7 with street food, live music, cooking demos and a market, yes it makes me wish I lived just a little nearer to London but if you go along I'd love to hear from you or if you fancy cooking up your own caribbean feast do let me know how you get on.

I want to thank Grace Foods for sending me a great hamper full of goodies which helped our party go with a swing! I also want to thank Looby who really got into the whole day and gave everyone Jamaican nails and she and her bff even dressed in a Caribbean party style, I love my daughter!  Oh and thanks to Abigail and my lovely friend Laura who came but only for the food, no photos of them although Harriet was just as keen as the kids for our little party popper fiesta!


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