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Friday, August 12, 2016

Burrito Bars in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Zapatista

Burrito Bar, Newcastle, Zapatista

Until yesterday I have to admit that I'd never ever tried a burrito and I'd never been to Zapatista, yes I'm sorry but I don't usually like food which touches other food, although I'm a long time fan of Mexican food and I openly admit to loving a good steak fajita so when Zapatista got in touch to see if I wanted to sample some of their Mexican delights and perhaps, just perhaps, a burrito I had to accept.

There are 2 branches of Zapatista in Newcastle upon Tyne, one on Grainger Street, and one on Ridley Place, yesterday I tried the Grainger Street branch, I'd not eaten all day so I was ready and with a big appetite.

I'm going to openly admit that burritos are not what you would call Instagram worthy food, there are just too many things all wrapped up in a tortilla and then all wrapped up in foil so I shan't be sharing a ton of food photos but believe me when I say I am now a convert to burritos and even eating things wrapped in foil (something which previously set my teeth on edge).

Zapatista is essentially Mexican fast food, you are served just as quickly as you are in other fast food outlets but the difference is that the food is delicious and it's all made fresh, right there in front of you.  There are a myriad of choices which quite frankly blew my mind but in the end I went for a butternut squash with halloumi filling, mild pinto beans, a special sweetcorn salsa, lime and coriander rice, cheese and sour cream, that's all then rolled up in a tortilla (although the healthy amongst you may want to have the filling in a salad bowl, that's a naked burrito or fajita) and finally wrapped in foil so that it's not too messy.

Zapatista do serve alcohol but I'm on a self imposed alcohol ban other than on holidays and special occasions so I just went with a large diet coke.  Zaps (as the locals call it) have also started doing Churros at the Grainger street branch, now they take 7-10 minutes and come with either a chocolate or caramel sauce, let me prepare you in advance and say "get the caramel" I love salted caramel and it goes perfectly with that crispy on the outside soft in the middle Churros, something I wouldn't usually have due to the calories involved in sweet fried dough but I made an exception for review purposes!

I think Zapatista is probably the perfect place to have a first date if you've just met someone through Tinder or Plenty of Fish, it's fast enough so that if it's a disaster you can get out quickly, they serve alcohol just in case you're nervous, it's cheap (so you don't have to spend a fortune on a potential date that may not go your way) and if you do have a fab time you're in town and can always continue the evening, plus it'll give you lots of opportunities to go and try all the various plentiful fillings and flavours.

I loved my first trip to Zapatista, I'm not sure if I'll be mixing all of my food together and I definitely won't be eating other things wrapped in foil and popped in a plastic basket (The Churros came on proper platters) but I really enjoyed my first burrito bar experience and will definitely be back in the future, maybe with my own internet dating story!

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