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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The wedding of Gemma and Mick, The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have one of those mad weekends where I shot 2 weddings, unbelievable both weddings were sunny ones, I'm pretty sure it's only been dry and sunny on days where I've shot weddings this year, maybe I'm a good omen, haha!

So the first wedding of the weekend was Gemma and Mick, they married at St Pauls Church in Whitley Bay followed by a gorgeous pink reception at The Grand in Tynemouth, there were many many cute children at this wedding so I was in my element!

A very handsome group of groomsmen don't you think?  Mick is a fitness instructor, he's very tall!

Gemma arrived quite late, looking splendiforous in an amazing gown, I had to do a couple of quick photographs and then let the lovely vicar get on with the wedding!

Gemma might look calm and smiley here but she was very nervous and shaking, thankfully once she'd joined Mick at the front of the church the nerves just seemed to wash away, amazing what happens when you finally get to stand next to the love of your life.

and 45 minutes later after a lovely ceremony they were married!

and they finally got to have that first kiss as there'd been no kissing in the church, I have to admit that it always makes me a little sad when the vicar doesn't let the groom kiss his new wife, I'm sure God wouldn't mind.

a few crucial group shots later and we were ready to go off to the beach for some portraits!

it was quite a busy Friday on the beach, a school trip even gave Gemma and Mick a big cheer and a clap which I thought was lovely!

we got some beautiful portraits on the beach, or nearly on the beach, Gemma had realised that she should have worn some flat shoes or wellies to go on the sand but it wasn't a problem and we just stayed on the ledge.

Of course The Grand in Tynemouth has such a gorgeous staircase it would be rude not to use it for a couple of portraits.

Gemma had a gorgeous pink colour scheme which suited the gorgeous room at The Grand so well and wowza look at this cake with the swans on top, sensational

and all too soon after we'd got there it was time to leave another lovely couple to party away the day and night, it's a shame I didn't get to stay for the first dance with this one, I have a feeling it was sensational!

Gemma sent me a lovely email the other day to tell me that they all think the photos are amazing, it's always lovely to hear, I hope they have many many happy years together.

If you want to talk to me about photographing your  wedding in  Newcastle, North of England or maybe somewhere further afield in the UK or even overseas then please do get in touch either via my website (if you're viewing on a non flash device like iPhone or iPad I also have a website without flash here or of course you can call me on 07918 121838.

My next wedding is in Kendal in the Lake District and I can't wait, please let me take some sunshine!


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Great photographs, looks like the couple had a great day.

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