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Friday, July 13, 2012

The wedding of Susan and Jonathan, County Thistle Hotel in Newcastle

you remember that I told you about shooting 2 weddings in a weekend, well this is the second, Susan and Jonathan contacted me from South Africa, flew in and met me and then flew out to Ireland where they're currently working on HBO's Game of Thrones, Jonathan is in charge of visual effects and Susan works in the costume department, quite cool jobs really, obviously not quite as cool as mine though, haha!

Susan and Jonathan have had a whirlwind romance, fallen madly in love and within a year gotten married, a couple after my own heart as hubby and I met in the October and got married the next April.  You see if I haven't mentioned it before (I have a billion times) I believe in true love and romance and I absolutely love it when you get couples who are so in love that all they want to do at their wedding is spend as much time together as possible.

Most of the wedding festivities were at the beautiful County Thistle hotel in Newcastle where they had exclusivity, a truly amazing day and if you're considering this venue let me tell you it's probably the best wedding food I've eaten in 5 years and I've eaten a lot of wedding breakfasts.  We were lucky enough to be sat with some of the Game of Thrones guys so we had a great time during dinner.  For this wedding I was lucky enough to aquire the talent and services of Jamie Emerson to second shoot, Jamie is one of my bestest buddies and shot my very own vow renewal, when we shoot together it's fun and I think we work so well together, if you're planning your wedding you should really ask me about having Jamie second shoot at your wedding, for his time and talent he's an amazing bargain if I'm honest!

and so on with the photos from one of the most enjoyable weddings I've ever shot.

For some reason Jonathan reminds me of Robson Green, I think it might be the humour, he really is a funny guy!

after the vows they did a pinkie swear, which was so sweet, everyone giggled including me!

a few essential group shots, as ever I kept them to a minimum but all brides and grooms agree it's nice to have a record of the guests attending their wedding, even if you can never get everyone to look in the right direction!

and then off to my favourite graffiti wall for some cool contemporary portraits 

their cake was amazing, it even had it's own fountain!!

how cute is this young chap? you know I love weddings where there's plethora of cute kids

these few shots were taken from where I was sitting for dinner, every time I looked over and grabbed my camera they only had eyes for each other, so completely and utterly in love these two!

an impromptu speech from Jonathans daughter gave me a lump in my throat and then they started arguing over who was supposed to be saying what and I cracked up, hilarious!

first dance time and I'm so proud of this one, not the easiest technique to master and let me tell you it's always a little serendipitous but worth it!

Susan and Jonathan emailed me a few days ago to say how much they loved their photographs but seriously I had an easy job documenting a couple this much in love.


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