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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Autumn is here!

I adore Autumn, October is one of my favourite months of the year, I love the colours, the temperature, the light, it's the perfect weather for photography.

I shot my first real autumal session on Saturday, now I say it was my first really autumnal session, the fact that it was nearly 30c is beside the point, I did spend an awful lot of time lying on top of acorns and they're a bit bumpy at the best of times and not that comfortable to lie on let me tell you!!

That unseasonal end to September was lovely actually, Looby and I were down in Heaton Park on Friday night after school, she was dressed as a witch of course and there was a DJ spinning his decks, the whole place and everyone there was so chilled out, I loved every minute and I did take my camera of course...

Yes it really was a friday afternoon on the last day of September and people everywhere were chilling, having BBQ's and picnics, quite odd really but we had a lovely couple of hours.

Miss Looby dressed as a witch, she said she had to because it's nearly Halloween, who am I to argue with my daughter?

This was Loobys idea, she thought it would be a creative portrait, I think she's got a point!!

so this start to October is going well, work is seemingly flooding in and it's looking rather like I might shoot more weddings next year, I'm thinking 20 sounds like a good number but we'll see how it goes, if you are planning your 2012 wedding (or even a late 2011 one) please get in touch, prices start at £595, more details on my website

Portraits of course are also incredibly busy and it's a brilliant time to get outdoors with the kids or family and you can get my special price of only £20 instead of £40, I'm already booked up right until the end of October at weekends so click on my website and contact me!!

This weekend is going to be a big one, an amazing wedding at a location which is quite special to me and a shoot which will see me travel for hundreds of miles to a stunning location, lets all cross fingers and toes for great weather.

Finally today let me leave you with another  couple of family photos, a trip to the farm on Loobys birthday and it looks like there may be a new love interest in Meandering Pauls life

Loobys official 8th birthday portrait, she's really growing up quickly now into a beautiful young lady

As for her sister Abigail may be nine but you wouldn't want to mess with this feisty lady

Meandering Paul and his new love interest, should I be worried?  He does look quite interested in her don't you think?!

Until next time, keep smiling, even if it's only so other people will wonder what you've been getting up to!


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