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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big, Big, News, I have a Studio!

I can hardly believe it myself but it's true, from Friday I'll be relocating Mandy Charlton Photography to a gorgeous 1008ft studio, I say 1008ft but thats just the main part of the studio, it's absolutely flippin enormous!!  Because it's fully equipped all I need to do is move myself in so if you fancy a studio shoot with me then you can book one with immediate effect.

I'm so excited about the future, I'm sharing the studio with my good friend and fellow photographer Tommy Jackson, we'll be doing some pretty funkaliscious stuff together over the next few months as well as maintaining our own individual brands.

For me, I guess I'm most well known for my environmental portraits and you know what thats not going to change, I'll still be out and about creating art like these from Sunday up in Hepple, Northumberland.

and should that white snowy stuff fall you can bet I'll be out doing snowy shoots just like last year, I have to say though that in the most horrible of winters it will be lovely to spend time inside a warm cosy studio and it means lots of new exciting possibilities for the quirky style of my photography which I know that you all know and love, for sure I am not about to become Venture Photography, you can count on that.

One of the most exciting aspects of the studio is that we want to share it with the hardworking photographers (and film and video guys) of the north who from time to time need a little studio space so we'll be subletting the Studio for a very reasonable £20 per hour, we may even have special offers from time to time.  We have a full white seamless set up and also black, grey and many other wonderful colours for the other set up.

One of my plans for the future is to have photographers networking nights, a place for all the NE photographers to gather together, network, maybe drink a little wine and beer and maybe make some new valuable connections in the process.

We have props and furniture aplenty and you'll always be welcomed by a friendly face and a mug of coffee, well as soon as we find the kettle ;)

To book use of the studio all you'll have to do is visit to check availability and book your slot in.  On that page you can also do a 360 tour of the studio, don't worry about the football portraits on the wall, they will not be there for very long ;)

Tommy and I are super excited about the future, sharing a studio has given us the ability to offer something we probably couldn't if we were on our own, I've always believed in studio sharing, it's always great to have someone to bounce ideas off and lessens that tuesday morning, lonely working alone feelings.

We also plan to rent some space to a makeup artist/hair stylist so if you are a local makeup artist/hair stylist looking to move out of home and looking for an unbeatable deal then please do get in touch with either me or Tommy, you can of course get to me by clicking on the contact tab of

So to celebrate my move into the studio I would like to give one family or kids shoot away, all you have to do is leave a comment and I'll get someone to draw the name from the hat on Friday, you'll be saving yourself a whole £40 and of course all you will pay for is any prints you want afterwards.

I  am sorry for the seemingly epic blogpost but it is business changing news for me and quite epic, don't worry I just have 1 final thing to say and that is....look out for your invite to our studio opening party and bring a bottle!!


Aggie Maxwell said...

Congratulations - can't wait to come and see it! How exciting!!!!!!!

Bridget Wilson Hall said...

great news!
I'd love a family portrait once my twin grandchildren are born!
God luck with your new venture

Mrsjobee said...

A bit too far for me to travel but I wanted to wish you lots of luck for your exciting new venture.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mandy, it's lovely to see your business grow on Twitter. Good luck in the new studio, hope you create lots of lovely memories!

dave clarkson said...

good luck with the new studio mandy.

dave snake66 from twitter xxx:-)

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