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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Want to see what I got up to on my birthday?

Yes on Sunday I celebrated my 35th birthday, I'm really proud of being 35 for many reasons and of course close friends and family know why it's so awesome to have gotten here, I won't go into it all now but believe me when i say there were times when I never thought I would be 35!

So last week really was birthday week and I think we did something special every day, I really love my husband!

The climax of the week was a trip on the train to York, and here's the photos to prove it.

Paul asked me to do this to him, he fancied looking a bit Zombiefied!

Fave photo of him from Sunday

York was gorgeous as ever but Oh My Goodness Freezing too!

We went to Bettys and they even brought me out a birthday cake after the girls told them why we were there.

I spotted this sign in the York Castle Museum, consider yourself a lucky bride if you get a hoover as a wedding present ;)

No one could take a photograph of me which was in focus due to the way I have my focus button separated from the shutter so this is my official 35th birthday portrait! Sorry to anyone who hates these type of photographs ;)


When we came out of the Minster it was snowing.

A wonderful birthday!


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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic day, captured beautifully. I felt like I was there with you whilst reading your twitters! :) Glad you enjoyed your day.

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