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Friday, February 20, 2009

A little wander down to the Newcastle Quayside

So yesterday we were sent out of our house whilst the builders gave us some double glazing and new doors, a pretty major job when 2 of your walls in the house are completely glass!

So first we escaped down to Tynemouth for a little breakfast

After breakfast we dropped the girls off for the day so that they wouldn't get bored while we visited the Baltic centre for contemporary art.

I wanted to go and see the Yoko Ono exhibition and it truly rocked my world but not as much as the Learning to Love You More exhibition which is one ofthe most truly awesome things I think I've ever seen, it's a series of tasks designed to make us all love ourselves a little more, and seriously check out the link and do some of them, it might just change your life!

After the Baltic I did a 30 second shoot with hubby - quite literally he only ever lets me take photos of him for a maximum of 30 seconds, you have to be delighted when you actually come away from that with some decent photographs though!!

Why don't you go and do a 30 second photoshoot with someone you love today, you never know what you might achieve.

Happy Friday everyone, I have the busiest of busy weekends with a kids and family photoshoot this afternoon, tommorrow it's Kelly and Jons wedding and on Sunday I have a meeting, Phew!


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Anonymous said...

Looks like you certainly made the most of the day!!
Some gorgeous photos there Mandy, love the mood of them!
Have you got the house straightened out now?

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