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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mitchells Christening [childrens photographer Gateshead]

On Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of being the official photographer at Mitchells Christening, if you've never thought of having a photographer present at a Christening it's a really great idea because all of the family are together happy and joyous and there are plenty of chances to get lots of fantastic photographs.

How cute is Mitchell?

the important business of Baptism with the Reverend Bruce Mountford Harrison at St Helens Church, Low Fell.

Back at the house Mitchell was getting a wee bit tired after all the action that morning and sitting with his sisters wasn't high on his To Do list!

However, several rounds of "The Wheels on the Bus" later and he was smiley and gorgeous and fun!

My favourite of the whole day, how gorgeous?

With all of his cousins, yes I do photograph large groups of children quite often but it's all part and parcel of being a kids photographer.

In the garden Lisa and Danny said they didn't have any great photos of them together, hopefully they have some lovely natural ones now!

Mitchells sister seriously enjoying some bubble fun.

Finally, I live for candid moments and this was most definetly one of them!!

I know that Danny and Lisa love the photographs and that makes me a happy photographer because I had the best ever time taking them all. Also thanks to my new super-d-duper girl friday non shooting assistant Sarah who will be coming along to lots of weddings and events during the summer.

if you want to hire me for your Christening or special family occasion give me a call on 07918 121838 or click though to my lovely website.

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