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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wedding Photography information for couples

So you've said I do and you've booked your venue, maybe you've already got your wedding dress, or wedding outfits, whats guaranteed is that at some point before your wedding day you're going to start looking to book a wedding photographer.

So how do you go about doing that?

Well wedding photography is one of the most important choices you'll ever make because after the day in years to come all you'll have left are the memories and your wedding album so this is one decision you'll want to get right.

Now of course the easy thing for me to do is say oh well just google Mandy Charlton Photography or Mandy Charlton Designs (same site with 2 different names but thats a whole other blog post) especially if you're looking for a wedding photographer in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Northumberland or indeed most of the UK but hey I realise I'm not everyones first choice of wedding photographer and you know what thats ok because there are many different styles of wedding photography and pretty much no 2 photographers are quite the same.

One of the best tips I can give is to look around at several sites and see which photographer images make you feel something, happy, emotional, as long as they don't make you feel sick or downright ill then you're probably on the right path!

At some point you'll be looking at prices and I would have to say beware those photographers where the deal sounds just too good to be true, for instance someone charging £500 for 8 hours of wedding photography and giving away all the images on disk is probably just persuing this as a hobby or maybe they're trying to build a portfolio and they're just doing this on a part time basis, what I do know is that no self respecting photographer who does this on a full time basis and sees your wedding as equally important as you do is going to be in that very cheap and not so cheerful bracket.

Last year I shot several portrait sessions for people who's wedding photographer had let them down by producing sub standard images, this makes me so angry because you can't just set it all up again.

Ok so most wedding photographers will range from £1000+ for an average 8 hour wedding day. of course you may not want 8 hours photography, some photographers do have smaller packages, I myself do a lot of smaller weddings where I'm there for as little as 2 hours, remember at the end of the day whichever photographer you'll choose it's the quality and not quantity of photographs which is important. For instance if you are on a really tight budget why not consider 2 hours of amazing fabulous photography as opposed to 8 hours of photography which leads to photographs you don't want to ever look at again!

One really important thing I want to say is that you should always look at an entire wedding that the photographer has shot in the last 12 months, in this day and age it's really easy to have a great website with a few brilliant photographs but you won't be getting just your favourite five images from the day you'll want to ensure that the photographer can shoot the whole wedding consistently and brilliantly!

There are many different styles of wedding photography ranging from Documentary reportage to contemporary posed and then a lot of photographers try and do a little bit of everything which gives you the wonderful story of your day. I pride myself in a relaxed approach to wedding photography, some of my images are shot from that reportage candid approach with the rest being shot as guided but not necessarily posed.

For me, wedding photography is all about couple and telling your story of love, I am such a romantic at heart, I beleive in true love and I love that I get to show that to the world through my clients stories. I simply have the best job on the earth.

I eat, sleep , breath, photography so that you end up with memories and photographs which last forever.

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