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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Twilight and Twitter

I know it's been a quiet blogging week so I thought I better post and let everyone know that I'm still alive and whats been going on.

This week has been one of my best ever weeks in business, I am so thoroughly delighted so if you see me out and about with a smile on my face you know why!

This year is going to be amazing, brilliant, wonderful, I can't even begin to tell you all how excited I am about it all.

Yesterday Paul and I went to see Twilight at the cinema and Oh My Goodness, one of the best visually beautiful movies I have ever seen, I'm embedding the trailer below and if you think this is gorgeous you should see the whole movie.

It's shot completely with cold blue and green tones which obviously goes to help the pale faces look even paler.

My favourite moment, The Anti-hero plays our heroine the famous Clare de lune by Debussy (one of music ever) and then he takes her flying, the next thing we see is them standing in trees and we cut to the most amazing panoramic shot.

if you love cinematography, imagery, photography, beautifully shot movies or if you just love that love can and will conquer everything then go and see this movie.

Also more big news of the week, I am addicted to Twitter, check me out at

This week Philip Schofield announced that he was a tweeter and within hours had gone from 400 followers to over 2500, the best bit was that he tweeted later he forgot that he got and email for each person who follows, OOPS! check him out schofe, also check out Wossy (Jonathan Ross) and stephen_fry and yes they all are the real ones.

Apart from twitter being a celebfest, I absolutely love the fact that you meet new and interesting people who you may never have ordinarily come across, I have been using Twitter now for around 6 months and stumbled across all kinds of fabulous people!

With micro blogging becoming huge and celebs starting to get there behinds behind twitter it's set to go absolutely huge over the next few weeks so if it's important to you make sure you atleast secure your own name before someone else does and you end up being Paulc855, yeah check him out the non twittering husband of mine!

I'm off to have an afternoon, evening and night away with my fabulous friend Darren who's known me longer than Paul, it's going to be Fab-U-Lus!

Whatever you do this weekend make sure that it's a good one!

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