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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Favourite Kids Photographs from 2008 - {Kids Photographer Newcastle}

So I managed to post my favourite wedding images from last year ages ago but never got around to posting my faves from my portraiture business, I have to say that 65% of the portrait side of my business is kids and then of course I also do some boudoir and some couples shoots as well as the occasional adult and more recently some maternity photography!

Kids though, well they're always so much fun and you never know quite what you're gonna get!

This little poppet for instance at only 1 year old was quite the cheeky funny bundle of fun!

You all know this little lady by now because she's on the splash page of my website.

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I know, had to end with just a couple of my own personal faves, my girls!

If you want to book a photoshoot for your children or as a whole family please do call me on 07918 121838, in February you'll pay only £25 for your session instead of £50, thats a saving of half price, you don't even have to have the session in February you just have to book it.



mandijane said...

Love all your photos....but the kids ones rock especially....

Anonymous said...

Mandy, these are great - well done! Here's to even more in 09! x

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