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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can you feel the excitement?

Ok, so it's 3.56am on Christmas Eve 2008, why am I telling you this and more importantly why am I not snuggled up in bed?

Well I was snuggly and then I woke up, completely wide awake and refreshed like I had the best nights sleep ever, LOL, I think I only had 5 hours!

The thing is that when it comes to Christmas I am the biggest kid on the planet and even though I have bought all my own Christmas presents from paul this year, not to mention wrapped them all up myself and even labelled them with soppy messages he wouldn't write in a million years. I still get excited because I am the Christmas Diva, I'm not quite Nigella Lawson but I do put an awful lot of thought into Christmas. I wouldn't actually like to know just how many Christmas presents I've wrapped this year but I do know that it's going to be another special Christmas for everyone in the Charlton household. The thing is that we love Christmas, 9 years ago Paul and I met and on the 21st of December 1999 he asked me to marry him. We've never had a bad Christmas and it's a funny thing because for me it just keeps getting better and better. When I was young I would love Christmas because I would get lots of presents, now I get very few but I love Christmas because I get to give a feeling which far outweighs all the feelings of receiving.

This year I asked the kids not to make Christmas lists because I have such a bad memory when it comes to such matters, I simply asked them for one present they would like and told them I would just know what to get them for other presents. Iain chose an MP3 player for his main gift, and both of the girls chose cameras as their main gifts, will they get them? Well I guess thats a question only Santa Claus can answer!!!

Today we're going up to Sainsburys for 8am, we don't need much, just the basics- batteries, beer and Bingo (don't ask but lets just say a certain someone said he would take care of the bingo machine for Christmas afternoon and voila it's blinkin Christmas eve and we're trying to source a bingo machine, LOL) and then we'll head off up to Northumberland to collect our organic free range Turkey and our Gammon for Christmas day. We always eat Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve evening, it signifies the start of Christmas and it also means that I'm not stuck in the kitchen on Christmas day, we've pretty much done this for the last few years and it's worked with great success, plus I always love those leftovers on Christmas day even more!

Tommorrow I'll be both joyful and sad, I think for me Christmas eve is the day I love most, it's a time with such great expectation and excitement and seeing the kids so dizzy with wonder really is a joy to behold.

Well I guess I'll stop now I've been typing this email for 15 minutes which means it must be pretty long so congrats if you made it this far! I'll write another post over the holidays with my years review and Christmas message but for now dear readers may I wish you all a wonderful Christmas eve and the most splendid Christmas day you have ever had and remember it's much more fun to give than it is to receive.


Bagpuss said...

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas too and have to say I love the season too especially since we have had our DD - seeing her face when she opens her presents is just a joy to behold.

Eleanor said...

Hello chickie
I remember that it was you, way back when, who set me off on the Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve plan. And it works really well, can't believe I spent over 20 yrs slaving on Christmas Day, so thanks for that :D, but most of all, thank you for your support and friendship, it means so much to me.
Have a special time, and wrap that lovely family around you.

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