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Monday, December 15, 2008

Charlotte, Lucy and Johnny

On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of photographing these three gorgeous kids, we had so much fun and all the kids were beautifully well behaved!

Here they all are :0)

what a sweetie eh?

He gave me a good run around I can tell you.

I asked her to show me a sad face and oh my, bless her!

She's a poppet isn't she?

This little one loves America's Next Top Model!

I know that mum Claire loves these photographs and it's been such a joy to photograph so many fab children lately, I can't tell you just how lucky I am to do a job which I genuinely love and look forward to!

If you've got a big group of children getting together over the holidays (maybe several families worth) please do give me a call and book a kids photoshoot for only £10 instead of £50.

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Anonymous said...

Another cool set of Top Tot Shots!

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