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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just an Update

Yes, time for an update from me, I was hoping to feature a family portrait session today but it's been postponed until Sunday afternoon so I thought I better update the blog.

So this week being half term I have been doing that thing that all working mums do, i.e juggling, I've honestly had to try and work only minimally as my children come first at all times, in saying that they're so good that I'm managing to keep up to date atleast.

On Monday Paul also took the day off, he's been working like a trojan and it's great that his gardening business is still doing so well at this time of year, it looks like it might be January before he can take some time off! (do you need a gardener, Meandering Gardens really is the gardener who cares, you can call Paul on 07505 004043)

Ok, plug over - Monday we went to the Hartlepool Historic Marina and as always there was plenty of fun to be had so lets see a few photos eh?

Looby and Abigail trying to lift up all the various cannon balls!

Posing for mum!
I seriously wish I had taken more lenses with me than just my Sigma f2.8 50-150 because it meant I couldn't get the whole of HMS Trinkamalee in,

It's a fantastic old warship though and we had lots of fun exploring it.

Love this one of Looby, at this point we had split up and I was going around with Looby and Abigail was with her daddy because they like to do different things at their own pace.

Some quoit action

and a bit of hard core hopscotch!

Hubby having fun in the play-ship, yes he's really a big kid!

trying to steer the wheel on the ship, I think you'd need 10 of Abigail and Looby for this job!

We really did have an awesome day and it was just so good to kick back and relax!

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