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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Emily, James and Thomas's Kids Photoshoot

I met up with these three on Saturday in Jesmond Dene, we had so much fun together and I bet you want to see the photos?

Let me introduce them all -



Thomas, who by the way is a real live wire!!

Emily is simply gorgeous, she's also a very good friend of my daughter Abigail.

Brother James is the eldest and he's very well mannered and polite a real credit.

Thomas is just simply edible!!!

amongst the bubbles...

One more of my favourites.

I know that Rachael and her hubby loved these because she thanked my hubby at school on Monday and me when she saw me yesterday, it really was a pleasure and how you'll manage to choose from the gallery I just don't know!! Have fun though, maybe get them all on huge canvases, yes all 80, LOL!!

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mandijane said...

Lovely to catch up with your Blog today over my sarnie and a cuppa...... :)

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