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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lisa and Fish - The couples photoshoot

Last night I met up with Lisa and Fish for a little anniversary photoshoot, they've been married for around a year and yesterday was their 10 year anniversary of being together, AWWWW. Quite often after you're married it can be ages before your next photoshoot but I recommend one a year just to have fun, keep the love alive and document history as you grow together.

So - on with the photos,

Lisa wore her Dorothy sparkly shoes!

Lisa and Fish are a bubbly couple who are so fun you could spend hours with them.

One of my favourite shots from the session, it's great to see so much love in a couple.

They needed no encouragement from me to get romantic!

Fish is a tatooed, pierced rocker but underneath it all he's a cuddly teddy-bear!

The light was awesome at 7pm last night, i thoroughly recommend evening photoshoots during the summer.


I love this one, I take a lot of couples to this spot and you get something different every time.

Lisa and Fish you were a joy to spend time with and I hope it will be the first shoot in a tradition of yearly shoot!!

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Anonymous said...

Mandy these are great - I really get a feel for how this couple are as people, rather than just seeing images of them. I expect they are thrilled!

Anonymous said...

nice set of images!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy, we love our photographs so much - thank you!

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