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Friday, July 25, 2008

End of the week round-up

It's been such a busy week that I've not had the chance to update my blog so here's just a short rundown of all thats been going on at Charlton Towers this week.

Sunday - we all went to Lightwater Valley for a family day out, I of course was still shattered from Saturdays wedding so I wasn't really up for all the terrifying rides but I did enjoy the day and Iain and Paul had loads of fun going on all the scariest roller coasters.

Monday - I decided that I couldn't stand my old laptop anymore, it was so slow when trying to process raw files and doing photoshoppery magic at the same time so off we went to PC world where they had a special on whereby you sign up for mobile broadband and you get £400 off the cost of the laptop so I got myself a super machine which eats RAW files for breakfast and should really help me cut down on my post processing time, it's taken me most of the week to get all my files moved but i think I'm just about there and I'm very happy.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent nursing a sick and poorly Looby who had some kind of 24 hour bug which saw her with an awful high temperature and being sick, not much fun at all but I suppose atleast I work from home!!

Yesterday Paul took a well earned half day and we went for lunch at one of our favourite pubs The Badger in Ponteland, we went to the garden centre afterwards and bought a couple of new plants for the garden. We then booked our holidays, we're off to London in just under 3 weeks for a few days while Pauls dad comes to cat-sit!! Really looking forward to showing the girls around London as they've never been before and I remember my first magical trip to london when I was 8.

Tommorrow I'm off to Kerry and Matt's wedding so cross your fingers for just a little bit of sunshine!

Happy weekend everyone

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mandijane said...

Looking forward to seeing your pics from the wedding today

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