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Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm still here!

Sorry that my posts have been a little thin on the ground over the last few days, it's the end of term so loads to catch up on before the summer holidays, plus it's wedding season so I am meeting with all my couples to discuss plans and running orders for their big days. This weekend will be the start of the busy season with atleast 1 wedding a week and sometimes 2 or 3!!

In preparation I am working out for 20 minutes a day on the Wii Fit, now you'll note I only just got it so it may take a while before I notice a new and improved me but it's a better way to start the day than 5 cups of coffee, the funny thing is that I hate partaking in sport so I'm kind of surprised at how much fun this is proving to be and you should see my swivel my hips with the super hula hoop!! or maybe you shouldn't, LOL!!

Can't beleive the children break up on Friday, can't beleive Iain is going to High School in September. I am delighted though that all three of them got amazing school reports on Friday. It's sports day today for Abigail and tommorrow for Looby so I've promised that between meetings I'll try and get there as will Paul who is in the thick of a huge paving job!

Did I mention that my hubby now has his own website, you can find him at Meandering

Mind you it could be either, my brain is like a seive at the moment!!

I'm off to 2 meetings this morning so I'll vamoose, I promise to try and post more this week and then on Saturday we have Sarah and Darrens wedding to look forward to!

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