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Holly Bobbins' Guide To Dog Friendly North

Discover dog friendly North East England with Holly Bobbins' guide to dog friendly businesses, restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops and places to stay in the North East of England.

Discover how dog-friendly the North of the country really is

Since adopting Holly Bobbins from Beagle Welfare in December 2014 we have made it our mission to explore as many dog-friendly businesses in the North East of England and the wider UK as possible.

This list is a continuing labour of love and couldn't happen without the recommendations of other dog owners as they find new and lovely businesses which are only too happy to accept our four-pawed furry friends.

If you have suggestions you would like to offer please email me

Holly Bobbins' dog-friendly guide

This list is in no particular order and although it's mainly North East based we do travel throughout the country as we write our twice-yearly column "Travels With My Beagle" and also have days out and holidays. If you're looking for somewhere not in the North East please do go and investigate my dog-friendly Pinterest board and if you are a dog-friendly business and you would like to collaborate please do get in touch.

With thanks to the wonderful ladies of The Inspire Network who gave me a place to start with this epic project. 

Latest update: It's always amazing to find retail stores anywhere that will let you go in with your dog so I'm going to include places we find on our travels and will give the location where possible.

Do you know somewhere Holly Bobbins and I should check out? Please get in touch!


A selection of dog-friendly pubs in North East England.

Restaurants/Coffee Shops

Looking for a dog friendly restaurant, cafe or coffee shop in North East England? Here's our pick of eateries where your dog can come along too: 


The North of the United Kingdom is a great place for shopping - and in these dog-friendly shops and retail stores your four-pawed friend can join you for a spot of retail therapy: 

Days Out

Wondering where to take your dog on couples or family day out? Here are some great options for dog-friendly days out in the North of the United Kingdom 

Holidays, Hotels and Accommodation 

Looking for somewhere dog-friendly to stay in North East England? 

Guide last updated 07/10/19


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