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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The curse of the haunted lens

This time last year, well not exactly this time as it's Tuesday morning, but, last year in the evening I was sitting in my garden with my dog beside me sipping a nice cold glass of Sancerre in the evening sunshine.  Fast forward a year and it couldn't be more different, this weekend we've seen rain, more rain and then as the icing on the weather cake, some snow!

I rescheduled 20 outdoor photo shoots and to put that in to context, I've had more reschedules due to the weather this year than I had in the whole year last year, I think it's probably the worst weather I've ever seen as a portrait photographer in 12 years of business.

I'm not really sure what the answer is or even if there is an answer, I simply have to wait for the sun to come out so I can get back into the swing of things.  I'm lucky really, I booked 5 weddings last week for 2018, 2019 and even one for 2020, I'd decided that I wanted to increase the number of shorter bookings that I shoot and so the universe made it possible, maybe the rain was a large hint?  I also wonder if it's the rental lens I've hung onto since early January, I've even mused that it might be cursed, well it's going back later today and yesterday I went and picked up my very own Canon 24-70 f2.8L, here's hoping the curse doesn't spread.  My OH helpfully suggested that maybe it didn't want to be a portrait lens, maybe it preferred landscapes, I'm sure he's partially right because on Friday when it apocalyptically rained all day in Newcastle, me, my camera and the cursed lens went to the Lake District and took some beautiful photographs which are now buried deep in my editing pile, don't worry, they're worth waiting for.

I should have published my April roundup post today but it's been so dark and I really wanted light springlike photos, looks like I'm going to have to do them today and then just make them look light and bright and sunny, I think I might require a miracle as it's as equally grim today as it has been all weekend.

Tomorrow, I fly to the Emerald Isle, the land of Eire, a place I've never been before but somewhere I can't wait to visit, we have activities already planned, the Guiness factory with the amazing views of Dublin from the top floor, the Zoo because Looby loves the Zoo and the National museum of the Leprechaun because, well, Ireland, maybe I'll meet one who can lift the weather curse from Newcastle?

Whatever happens and however much it rains, I don't care, I am myself waterproof and I'm taking the big camera for epic shots of Ireland, on Friday Looby and I are going to try and go somewhere rural so we can get a real taste of the republic of Ireland, it's so lovely to be travelling again and I mused to Harriet that it's the first time I'll have flown to somewhere that isn't warmer than the UK, still a bit gutted that it's not a constant 22c and sunny in Dublin, hehe!

Having checked the flights much further ahead i've duly noted flights to Palma for £20 per person in a couple of weeks so the time has come to start a mega travel education with Looby I think although that does require an income and in my case, an income requires weather that isn't constantly flipping raining!  Wish me luck breaking the curse! 

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