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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I started a Facebook group, Come Join us...

Looby on the beach at King Edwards Bay, I started a Facebook Group, Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Writer, Blogger

I'm sitting here, practically falling asleep at my desk and it's Wednesday afternoon, a spell of sunshine and fresh air down at the coast this afternoon has pretty much finished me off, Holly is currently at the bottom of my bed covered by a duvet snoring, completely unaware that the cat is sitting right next to her.

All is calm, all is quiet!

Every week lately I've thought to myself, this is the week I'm going to write a blogpost every day and I've still not managed it.  I am trying to write more often but I just don't think there's enough going on to write about currently, well that is until I write things down
A consultation with a specialist in Facial Aesthetics at Queensway Dental
A meeting with my accountant
Saturday night out for dinner at Piccolino
Birthday lunch with friends at The Northumberland Hussar
Press Launch for The Meat Stack
Review Stay at Cross House Cottages
Oh and it's my Birthday, my actual birthday on February the first, I'll be 8 in a roundabout kind of a way, you do the math on that one!!

I started a Facebook Group

One thing I have done this week and I'm trying to put my all into it is I've started my own Facebook group, it's for friends, clients, people who read my blog, people who've supported me over the years in life, work, everything and the chances are that if you are sitting there reading this then you should probably come and join my Facebook group

As an introduction I'm doing regular giveaways of chocolates and all kinds of goodies, I figured I'm never going to win with Facebook constantly changing it's algorithm and you know, I have no problem at all with Facebook running as a business but the way they've made ads an even playing field whether your business is big or small, is essentially brilliant if you are a big assed company and bad if you are small one, I can't exactly compete with Coca-Colas advertising budget so after spending approximately £20k with them in ads since 2011 I'm using this year to build an engaged community of the loveliest people I know, it will help me to keep clients in the loop, it will help me to find an easy way to let my audience know about new projects, events and of course blog posts and I hope I can find a way to make it give back and help others who have businesses thrive.  Within 2 days we've grown to just over 200 people, my goal is that by the end of the year I can grow that to 10,000 people.  It's a big bodacious plan but having a positive mindset and a goal to fulfil is exactly the kind of thing I thrive on.

You can find my Facebook group easily here

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