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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Be The Change, It Only Takes One Person

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Tumbleweed is the only way to accurately describe my blog currently and it's not for the lack of things to write about, it's just a massive lack of minutes in the hours of the day, I have many, many blog posts to write and tons of photos I want to share but the pace of my life has been very much like a whirlwind.

Today I'm sitting at my desk for the first time in over a week, I have 3 weeks until I travel to Madrid and currently my editing pile contains 4 weddings and 8 photo shoots plus at least 5 blog posts I'm committed to and that's not even including telling you about my Scottish adventure, that's 500 or so photos just sitting on my hard drive.

Last week I found out that I'd won the "Inspirational Woman in Photography" award in the TMT Media Awards, it was a complete surprise after receiving notice of the nomination just a few weeks before and I'd not expected to hear another thing so it was all terribly exciting for at least 30 seconds, no seriously, I'm not one to let such things go to my head, I'm truly honoured that even one person would think that of me, I still don't even know who nominated me, if it was you though dear reader, thank you.  I'm going to use the award to continue to be as helpful to others as possible and to continue to spread messages of love and hope across the world.  

I've always believed that change begins with one single person and this week, well this is our week, it's our democratic chance to change the world, on polling day this Thursday I want you to go and vote in the General Election, vote with your heart, whatever it says, I don't wish to make this about my own political views other than to say I believe in a future of love, hope, peace, understanding and togetherness. As a woman who's ancestors fought for our right to vote, it's so important, in fact, it's our fundamental right and that's why I'm so proud to go along to the polls with my son on Thursday knowing our voices are going to be heard.  Not just that but a couple of weeks ago we received news that Abigail had been elected to the Youth Parliament and is now a youth MP, her main quests are to fight for better mental health services for young people and to fight for votes for 16-year-olds.  She's so passionate about politics that she's actually helping with the count on Thursday, she's going to be a runner so if you are in the NE and tuned into the TV coverage, you might see her running in with a box or two as the ballot boxes reach the civic centre to be counted.  So for all of those reasons, please, please go and make your voice heard and you know what?  If you are really pissed off with all of the political parties just go and spoil your ballot, if you spoil your ballot, that's counted in the official figures, the big difference between doing that and just not voting is that you are making your voice heard, I mean obviously voting would be good but don't just sit at home pretending this isn't about you, now more than ever,  it is about you!

So that's me, I'm going off now to switch off the internet and delve head first into editing, more editing and guess what, yes more editing, it's no wonder that I don't even have time to think about my lack of interest in dating, I mean yes, I've had pangs of loneliness but I'm not sure when I'm supposed to fit in the time to try and find someone so for now, I'm concentrating on parenting, work, success and working towards travelling as much as I possibly can with the people I love the most.  If anyone wants me I'll be editing to the soundtrack Abigail introduced me to, Dear Evan Hansen, if you love a good musical soundtrack you need to download this one immediately because it's all kinds of amazing!

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