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Monday, May 08, 2017

Must Love Garden Centres...

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Last night I accidentally strayed onto Tinder after weeks of resting my swipe right hand, I'm not sure what had happened but I definitely had some pangs of loneliness despite only hours early saying I was relationship phobic now and wouldn't even think about trying again because rejection is too painful.

It seems there's a disconnect and a quandary when it comes to me and my pursuit of the opposite sex and it's no wonder I'm still single when others seemingly come out of one relationship and are happy with someone else just months later.

I still have times where I miss Paul terribly and I wonder if this is the way it's always going to be, I think we were together for so long that it's almost inevitable even though I've been over him for quite some time, like for instance is it odd that I miss our mutual trips to the garden centre?

I realise that might be terribly middle-aged but I love an amble around the garden centre to buy pretty plants, this does not bode well for me as it's yet another requirement I'm going to have to put on the list...

Must like garden centres, in saying that most of them do serve very good cake, and quiche, our local garden centre you have to get there early or there's a rush on quiche and you miss out like me last week, I was bereft with sadness I tell you!

This week I've spoken to 2 men, one on Eharmony and one on Tinder, both of whom I quickly got bored of because of a total lack of (for want of a better term) banter, one of them managed a half hour conversation without even asking one single question about me and that to me is hard work unless you're Stephen Hawking in which case, carry on, I'm all ears!  Chances of finding a genius on Tinder?

Eharmony is so frustrating, there are zero men in the north and the ones it matches me with, well I'm sure if you live in the south it must work so much better as there's a much bigger pool of people but it's clearly not the answer for me.

So to recap, great hair, quick witted, intelligent, loves superheroes, cake, musicals and garden centres, or plants at least, oh and must obviously love animals considering I live in a menagerie.

It's almost like there's not a dating site which is specialist enough for me, I am actually willing to compromise on some things but I definitely cannot deal with self-obsessed or a complete lack of banter, or indeed a man who lives in the northeast who's never been to Scotland, I mean how is that even possible?  We're about an hour away from the border, often you can just take a wrong turn on the A697 and you'll end up in Scotland!!

I'm slinking off now, it's my second day off of the week before I return to be tied to my desk for the foreseeable future, you know where I'm going?  The garden centre with Bobbins and Harriet, at least I know where I am with my dog and my best friend!!

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