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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mini Sessions with Mandy Charlton Photography - Top 25 Frequently Asked Questions

It's been around 3 months now since I transformed my business with low-cost, high-value mini sessions with Mandy Charlton Photography in and around the North East of England, the funny thing is that I get asked the same questions over and over, in fact they're the same questions I've been asked for the last ten years and yet still I've never come up with a frequently asked questions so today, I am going to put that to rights and give you some of my most asked questions and the helpful answers! Once you've had a read through you can Book Now, just email me and I'll send an invoice and as soon as that's paid you are booked!

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  1. How much are mini sessions?  Mini sessions are £100 per session 
  2. What do I get for my £100?  You get a 30-minute session at a beautiful location and a Dropbox of all of the edited digital images.
  3. Are there any hidden costs?  No, it's simple, convenient and it means you can make more memories with your family.
  4. Are the digital images full size?  Yes, you could print wallpaper if you wanted to.
  5. What if I want to get some prints?  I always send a link to my favourite consumer printer Photobox with every download invitation.
  6. Can I do anything I want with the images?  Yes, as long as you don't sell them it's all good with me!
  7. Do I own the copyright?  I maintain copyright on all of my images as the creator but you have a license to print which means you can do whatever you want with them as long as you don't sell them.
  8. Can I use the images on social media?   Of course, you can, all I ask is that you tag my business or me in the images so that it helps friends and family discover my business, they deserve lovely photos too!
  9. What ages are mini sessions suitable for?  Mini sessions are usually suitable from around 6 months upwards or as soon as baby can sit up unaided.
  10. I have a large family of 10, can I book a mini session?  I'm afraid anything over 5 plus the family dog and you really will need more time but you can book a double session for only £200, do make sure you book well in advance though as it's much trickier to find 2 slots together.
  11. Can I cancel and get a refund?  Mini sessions are non-refundable, transferable as a gift certificate and if anything happens with sickness or the weather we'll reschedule.
  12. What happens if it rains?  I always reschedule in the case of rain or high winds if it's a beach day, both are exceedingly damaging to my delicate camera and pretty much, it's not fun and soggy portraits are not what I would want to put on my walls.
  13. What should I wear?  Dress for the weather and as long as you all don't wear clashing colours or patterns you should be absolutely fine!  My clients and I seem to love Joules and it really does go with the style of photographs I produce!
  14. Which locations can I choose from?  I regularly hold sessions in Jesmond Dene, Saltwell Park and the beaches of Tynemouth and occasionally I trial other beautiful spaces such as Wharton Park in Durham, Seven Oaks Park in Cramlington and Carlisle Park in Morpeth as well as my favourite Chopwell Wood, somewhere I don't get to enough but there are only so many hours in the weekend.
  15. I'd like to buy a session as a gift can I do that?  Yes, you can, I sell gift certificates which are E-Vouchers so all you have to do is click, print and gift!
  16. How long are the vouchers valid for?  Currently, all vouchers expire in June 2018!
  17. I have an old £35 voucher, can I use that to pay towards it?  No, but I have arranged a special deal where you can book a double session for just £100 and get all of the edited digital images.
  18. How can I see when you'll be next at my chosen location?  I try to update Facebook frequently and my website at least once a week but please do email
  19. Why do I have to pay for my session to book it?  Because quite simply I am so busy and these sessions are so popular that I can only hold sessions open for up to 24 hours without payment, my calendar is a seriously crazy place and I'm currently booking around 6 weeks - 3 months in advance, I actually have people booked in for Autumn already so they get their chosen slot!
  20. How long after the photo shoot will I receive my images?  I try to work as quickly as possible but you can expect that you might have to wait around 5-7 days especially at busy times in the year.
  21. How many digital images will I receive?  There's no absolute on this one, it really depends on what happens on the day but people rarely go away with less than 15-20
  22. Who are mini sessions suitable for, families, couples, babies from 6 months old, kids
  23. Can I bring my dog?  Your dog is also a member of your family and so you should have them in the photographs, my beagle Holly Bobbins often comes along to Jesmond Dene mini session days, she's a celebrity beagle you know ;)
  24. I am phobic of dogs, will Holly Bobbins be there?  If you are frightened of dogs or your kids are please do advise when you book, Holly sometimes comes to Jesmond Dene and Wharton Park because she likes the train, she comes to dog-friendly beach sessions but she never comes to Saltwell Park because it's not an off-lead park, she wanders around, she's exceedingly calm and loves kids, particularly the wee ones and she does occasionally try to photobomb!
  25. Should we bring anything with us?  I usually have chocolate for the kids and sometimes dog treats for the pooches, bubbles always work well or on the beach buckets and spades can be useful, maybe a favourite toy, it's up to you but you don't have to bring anything and I'll try to make the session as fun as I can.


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