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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Autumn is coming, time to plan ahead...

My wonderful son Iain is 19 tomorrow, I really need to stop referring to him as "My little boy" when having conversations about my children, he's old enough now to have a home, run a business, be a millionaire, in reality he's still in the top corner bedroom plugged in to hundreds of megabytes of data at all times, I'm proud of him though, he's been through a lot and he's just about to start his second year studying business at college, we talked about what he wants to do at the end this college year, "I'll be starting my life of seclusion" he replied.  I should probably have bought him Hannah Hauxwells autobiography to help him prepare!

I'm ever surprised by how fast time passes, I remark every year "September, September, how can it be September?" a ludicrous question if ever there was one but in my mind it's been yet a hop and a skip from cold and frozen January, why then does it seem so long until I depart for my cruise?

It's while I'm wistfully wishing away September and October that I check my diary and find that weekends are already filling up with families keen to record happy memories in piles of colourful leaf fall, take note dear reader that if you want to partake with your families the height of the autumn colour is usually around the 2nd and 3rd week of October, it all gets a little soggy and unpredictable after that.  No real mini session days this year and I've promised myself that I'll only shoot a maximum of 3 or 4 sessions a day, advance booking to secure spots is encouraged, neigh it's practically a requirement, if you pause to think about it you may find by the time it's actual welly weather (although I'm not sure it's been anything but welly weather this year) you may find I can't fit you in!!  Pricing for photo shoots at home and on location in North East England available via that link.

I've also been thrown into full blown panic that it's Loobys birthday on the 25th of September and I have barely thought about that matter, a quick 10 minutes on Sky Skanner yesterday evening seemed to suggest I could offer my darling daughter the possibilities of weekend trips to Dublin or Geneva or maybe London, if you were going to be 12 which one would you prefer?  I had thought about a mini cruise to Amsterdam but she hates boats, when I told her about the cruise I was going on she told me upon seeing a photo of the boat that without a doubt it was dangerous and would sink, she of course bases her expert knowledge upon watching Titanic too many times and seeing copious amounts of news reports from the Costa Concordia, yes that's 2 boats about of no doubt hundreds of thousands but these days I can't even get her on a boat trip down the river Tyne.

Usually once we celebrate Loobys birthday I quickly turn my attention to the impending arrival of the festive season but as my summer holiday ( if anyone asks it's not a holiday it's very hard work ) isn't until the end of November I shall be late to the festive plate this year and promise to not so much as mention the colour scheme of my baubles until at least the beginning of December.

So off I go now, out into the world, cardigan in hand for the chill in the air which awaits outside my door hoping that summers warmth has saved a last long breath for the weeks ahead so we can pretend the most fun part of the year isn't over quite yet.

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