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Friday, March 21, 2014

Landscape Photography in Northumberland with the Fuji X-Pro1, a new project.

I'll tell you what dear reader, this Fuji X-Pro1 has really taken over my life, I'm seriously considering getting another one or an X-T1 as soon as it's compatible with Lightroom and ditching the Canon stuff.

I'm sort of starting a new project at the moment, you see my style has always been a bit painterly and so now I want to transfer the skills and create landscape photographs which have a painterly look to them. I'm lucky to live in the North East of England which is surrounded by beautiful locations and so i'm embarking on a big project and for me it's something I've never done before, now I don't profess to be able to produce traditional landscape photography, well I probably could but I sort of think  for the most part it's a bit samey and it's all been done before (which doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good landscape) and I'm sure any traditional landscape artists who may have stumbled upon this post are screaming inwardly right now but I've never been afraid to do things my own way and that's why I'm still in business after 7 years.  Oh and don't worry, for actual work I'll still be shooting weddings and portraits, this is purely a personal project although i'm lucky that I've already had an offer from someone who wants to sell my landscape prints which took me by absolute surprise.

Exciting though isn't it?!

Here's just a few from this week -

I went to Berwick today, I love Berwick, it's just a shame that Berwick didn't get the memo, it was freezing, the light was good though

 I shot this of course on the Newcastle Quayside, I love walking down to the quayside, it's only a 10 minute walk and hey it was worth it to get this.


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